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Majeedul H. Chowdhury


  • Ph.D. - Clinical Biochemistry & Metabolic Medicine, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Dissertation: Metabolic effects of insulin and its interactions with other hormones in cultured hepatocytes
  • M.Sc. - Biochemistry, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Dissertation: Influence of metabolic disease and contraception on lipoproteins profile and tissue utilization of labelled precursors of biomolecules
  • B. Sc. (Hons). - Biochemistry, University of Dhaka

Courses Taught at City Tech:

  • Biochemistry, Endocrinology, and Nutrition
  • Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, and General Biology
  • Cell & Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Environmental Science

Research Interests:

  • Endocrine Regulation of Intermediary Metabolism
  • Bone and Cartilage Cell Biology
  • Ethnomedicine

Previous Appointments:

  • Commonwealth Scholar, UK
  • Postdoctoral Training, Medical College of Wisconsin, WI, and Columbia University, NY, USA
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, NY, USA
  • Assistant Professor and Biochemistry Course Coordinator, Touro College, Flatbush Campus, USA
  • Visiting Professor of Biochemistry & Biotechnology. North South University , Dhaka
  • Visiting Scientist of Ethnomedicine, University of Development Alternative, Dhaka

Professional Society:

  • Biochemical Society, UK and The New York Academy of Sciences, USA



  • Mohammed Rahmatullah, Shamsuddin Sultan, Tanzila Taher Toma, Syeda-a-Safa Lucky, Majeedul H. Chowdhury, Wahid Mozammel Haq, Mst. Eashmat Ara Annay & Rownak Jahan. Effect of Cuscuta reflexa stem and Calotropis procera leaf extracts on glucose tolerance in glucose-induced hyperglycemic rats and mice. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, 7(2): 109-112, 2010
  • Mohammed Rahmatullah, Dilara Ferdausi, Md. Ariful Haque Mollik, Rownak Jahan, Majeedul H. Chowdhury & Wahid Mozammel Haque. A Survey of Medicinal Plants used by kavirajes of Chalna area, Khulna District, Bangladesh. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, 7(2): 91-97, 2010
  • M Maruf Hassan, FM Safiul Azam, Majeedul H Chowdhury & M Rahmatullah. Callus induction of Abrus precatorius: Screening of phytohormones. American Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 3(3): 512-518, 2009
  • Mohammed Rahmatullah, Abu Hanif, Md. Shahadat Hossain, Md. Ariful Haque Mollik, Taufiq Rahman, Majeedul H. Chowdhury & Rownak Jahan. An Ethnomedicinal Survey Of The Chakma Tribe Of Bandarban District, Bangladesh And A Pharmacological And Nutritive Evaluation of Their Medicinal Plants Which Can Be Used As Food Supplements. Journal of Phytomedicine and Therapeutics, 2009 (submitted)
  • Mst. Afsana Khatun, Dilruba Nasrin, Humayun Ahmed, M. Nazmul Hasan, Rownak Jahan, Majeedul H. Chowdhury, M. Taufiq-Ur-Rahman & Mohammed Rahmatullah Hypoglycemic And Hypercholesterolemic Effects Of Alstonia scholaris Bark Powder In Rats. Journal of Phytomedicine and Therapeutics, 2009 (in press)
  • Sharmin Jahan Moushumi, Wahid Mozammel Haq, Humayun Ahmed, Hasan Reza, Majeedul H. Chowdhury & Mohammed Rahmatullah. Hypoglycemic And Antinociceptive Effects Of Saraca asoca (Roxb.) De Wilde Bark Extract In Swiss Albino Mice. Journal of Phytomedicine and Therapeutics, 13: 47-50, 2008

Bone & Cartilage Cell Biology:

  • RA Greenwald, MH Chowdhury, SA Moak, LM Golub. In vitro sensitivity of the three mammalian collagenases to tetracycline inhibition: Relationship to bone and cartilage degradation. Bone. 22: 33-38, 1998
  • RA Greenwald, MH Chowdhury, SA Moak, H Wang, E Crossley, B Caterson. Long term doxycycline treatment inhibits histologic and immunologic features of spontaneous osteoarthritis in guinea pigs. Trans Orthopaedic Res Society. 19: 473, 1994
  • MH Chowdhury, SA Moak, BR Rifkin & RA Greenwald. Effect of tetracyclines which have metalloproteinase inhibitory capacity on basal and heparin-stimulated bone resorption by chick osteoclast. Agents Actions. 40: 124-128, 1993
  • MH Chowdhury, C Hamada & DW Dempster. . Effects of heparin on osteoclast activity. J Bone Miner Res. 7: 771-777, 1992
  • MH Chowdhury, V Shen & DW Dempster. Effects of cyclosporine A on chick osteoclasts in vitro. Calcif Tissue Int. 49:275-279, 1991
  • RL Wortmann, MH Chowdhury & JW Rachow. ATP-dependent mineralization of hyaline articular cartilage matrix vesicles. Adv Exp Med Biol. 253A: 81-85, 1989

Endocrine Regulation of Intermediary Metabolism:

  • MH Chowdhury & L Agius. Epidermal growth factor counteracts the glycogenic effects of insulin in parenchymal hepatocytes. Biochem J. 247: 307-314, 1987
  • L Agius, MH Chowdhury & KGMM Alberti. Regulation of ketogensis, gluconeogenesis and the mitochondrial redox state by dexamethasone in hepatocyte monolayer culture. Biochem J. 239: 593-601, 1986
  • L Agius, MH Chowdhury, SN Davis & KGMM Alberti. Regulation of ketogenesis, gluconeogenesis, and glycogen synthesis by insulin and proinsulin in rat hepatocyte monolayer cultures. Diabetes. 35: 1286-1293, 1986
  • MH Chowdhury, R Stappenbeck & L Agius. Effect of glucocorticoid on glucose and glycogen metabolism in monolayer cultured hepatocytes. Biochem Soc Trans. 14: 154-155, 1986
  • L Agius & MH Chowdhury. Regulation of mitochondrial pyruvate & fatty acid metabolism by glucocorticoids, insulin and cAMP in monolayered cultured hepatocytes. Biochem Soc Trans. 14:155-156, 1986
  • A Mannan, SA Chowdhury & MH Chowdhury. Effect of Induced diabetes on in-vivo oxidation of D-fructose-1,6-diphosphate, [U-14C] in rat models. Nuc Sci & Applications. 13:77-81, 1982
  • A Mannan, SA Chowdhury & MH Chowdhury. Influence of AID on biosynthesis of biomolecules from L-arginine-U-3H by different tissues. Nuc Sci & Applications.13: 83-87, 1982
  • A Mannan & MH Chowdhury. Uptake of radioactive D-glucose, DHA, glycerol and L-alanine by AID rat tissues. Bangladesh J Biol Sci. 9: 53-61, 1980
  • A Mannan & MH Chowdhury, NG Banik & M Ibrahim. The influence of induced diabetes mellitus over contraceptive on lipoproteins, cholesterol, ascorbic acid, HB, PCV and electrolytes in rat models. Bangladesh J Sci Res. 1:13-20, 1978
  • A Mannan & MH Chowdhury, NG Banik & M Ibrahim. LPs pattern in diabetes mellitus, connubial, hypertension and contraception. Bangladesh J Biol Sci. 6 & 7: 43-47, 1978


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