Esteban Beita

» Voorhees Hall 821 (V-821)

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Esteban Beita, Assistant Professor

» Bachelor of Architecture - New York Institute of Technology
» Bachelor of Architecture - University of Costa Rica
» Master of Architecture - University of Tokyo
» Doctorate of Architecture - University of Tokyo
» Licensed Architect: Federal College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica

Dr. Beita is the founder of Wabi Design, a firm specializing in the implementation of traditional Japanese design principles in contemporary architecture. The firm takes its inspiration from Japanese architecture to create architecture that constantly interacts with its environment.  His specialties are in design, 3d modeling and Japanese architecture and his professional experience includes high-end residential, commercial, hotel and resorts.  His research focuses on the improvement of urban spaces through the use of Japanese traditional design principles.

Dr. Beita is also the recipient of the Monbukagakusho scholarship, a prestigious scholarship offered by the Japanese government.  While in Japan, he performed research in the creation of photorealistic 3d models for analyzing the movement of light.  He then implemented this research in modeling one of Japans most famous tea rooms, the Bosen Tea Room, to analyzed how traditional design principles function and can be used in western architecture.  In a period of six years, Dr. Beita documented over 120 different building types, including: Temples, Tea rooms, Tea houses, Tea schools, Pavilions, Dwellings and Shrines. 

Throughout his education, his had the opportunity to study, lecture and work in different parts of the world, ranging from New York, Costa Rica, Russia, Spain and Japan. This has given him a variety of skills in design, sustainable architecture, 3d modeling, photography, architecture visualization, and Japanese design.  In Tokyo, Dr. Beita worked and interned for Toyo Ito and Kengo Kuma, while at the same time conducting an extensive research on traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture.

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