The bachelor of technology degree (BTech) is for students who are motivated towards a career in the managerial and supervisory activities within the graphic arts fields advertising, printing, publishing, graphic communications and new media.

The curriculum in the baccalaureate program provides students with managerial expertise and builds upon the skills learned in the AAS program. It offers production management with practical applications and enables the student to have the flexibility of making career changes among the major areas of the graphic arts. Emphasis is placed on the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology with major use of computers and related systems. Students acquire proficiency in executive, sales, managerial, technical and supervisory activities. They also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to function as graphic arts production managers, responsible for monitoring, controlling and processing all print media and capable of interpreting graphic and visual information. As part of their program of study, students attend lectures, work in laboratories and go on field trips to leading advertising agencies, service bureaus, publishing houses, corporations and printing plants.

There are many ways a student can enter the bachelor of technology program in graphic arts production management. Students may enter the program as freshmen if they meet the general College criteria on page 8. These students will follow the graphic arts AAS curriculum for the first 60 credits and may earn the AAS along the way. Students may transfer in from the City Tech AAS program in graphic arts or art and advertising design before or after completing the AAS degree. Students may enter from other programs either here at City Tech or from other colleges if they meet College criteria for transfer admission. It is not necessary to have earned an associate degree in graphic arts, or to have earned an associate degree at all. Transcripts of entering students will be evaluated to determine the courses they must complete for the BTech degree.

Please consult the admissions office or the department for further information. Job titles for which graduates qualify may include production or traffic manager, quality control manager, prepress supervisor, color imaging manager, sales manager, purchasing agent, print buyer, book makeup coordinator, plant manager, and manufacturing supervisor. Among the employers of BTech graduates are AOL-Time-Warner, Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency, Condé Nast Publications, Quad Graphics and Quebecor World.