Bachelor of Technology in COMMUNICATION DESIGN

Today, advertising and communication design is dominated by digital technology: from large creative departments to small companies that outsource work to specialists; from traditional print and TV media to multimedia and interactive design. Although entry-level jobs are a first step for either AAS or BTech graduates, employees with a baccalaureate degree are considered more readily equipped for promotion in the industry.

The upper-division courses in communication design are based on those in the AAS degree program. AAS foundation courses integrate design theory and practice. Baccalaureate-level coursework builds on that foundation and offers additional tools forprofessional advancement.

In the bachelor’s program, a choice ofcareer tracks allows students to specialize in either advertising design, graphic design or web design and explore the multi-faceted world of communication design. Advanced electives available to students in all three tracks will encourage them to investigate topics in advertising, graphic design, packaging design and typography.

Students may further develop their design and communication skills by taking electives including desktop publication design, digital video, 2-D and 3-D animation, multimedia, photography, speech, business management and advertising production management. A core of advanced design courses will prepare students to meet the challenges of the profession: senior project, portfolio, the design team and an internship. The department also continually modifies its curriculum to reflect current practices in the profession by offering new and experimental courses in the latest technical advances, including web design and animation. For more information about these courses, contact the department chairperson.

BTech graduates should expect rapid progress from entry-level positions to managerial positions in such job classifications as assistant art director to art director, assistant creative director to creative director, junior designer to senior designer and design studio assistant to design manager, to name a few progressions.

Admission to the Bachelor of Technology Program

There are many ways a student can enter the bachelor of technology program in communication design.Students who enter the program as freshmen must meet the College standards. For more information on these guidelines see page 8. Students who do not meet these guidelines may be admitted into the AAS degree program in art & advertising design and apply to transfer into the BTech program after completing 24 credits and achieving CUNY certification in reading, writing and mathematics. Students may also enter from other programs either here at City Tech or from other colleges. It is not necessary to have earned an associate degree at all. Transcripts and portfolios of entering students will be evaluated to determine the courses they must complete for the bachelor of technology degree. The department also has articulation agreements with Borough of Manhattan, Bronx and Kingsborough community colleges. Students from these colleges who complete all their course requirements will not be required to take more than 60 credits to complete the BTech program. Please consult the department for further information.

All students admitted to programs of upper division study in The City University of New York are required to meet standards of proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics, demonstrated by passing CUNY skills assessment tests in these three areas to become eligible for baccalaureate-level courses. Those who do not achieve the necessary certification upon entry must complete developmental courses.

Students who have not achieved certification in all three areas will be denied access to communication design courses.

Advanced Standing Credit

There are great differences in advertising design course offerings from one college to another. Credit will be granted for courses taken at other colleges if the courses are considered equivalent to those offered at New York City College of Technology. Final determination of credits for advanced standing granted to any student in this department will be made by the registrar of New York City College of Technology and the chair of the advertising design and graphic arts department.

Approximate Additional Costs Other Than Tuition and College-Wide Fees

For the baccalaureate degree program
Textbooks $750
Materials and Supplies $1500

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