ADV 1117/AD 117.1 Typographic Design I / Professor Mary Ann Biehl

ADV 1117/AD 117.1 Typographic Design I / Professor Maria Giuliani

ADV 1200/AD 200 Visual Communications / Professor Mary Ann Biehl

ADV 2360/AD 360 Vector Art / Professor Jenna Spevack

ADV 3601/AD 601 Graphic Design Projects II / Professor Mary Ann Biehl

ADV 4700/AD 700 The Design Team / Professor Mary Ann Biehl

GRA 2406/GA 406 Production Management Systems I / Professor Tanya Goetz

Students in this class have to give an oral presentation that is 15 minutes long on a vendor in our industry. In their oral presentations, students address aspects of the company that a savvy production person would need to know before entering into a business relationship with this company, whether that relationship is as employee, customer or supplier. Therefore, students must research the company's primary business objectives, the size of its company, its revenue, its history, and its leading products to the professional graphic arts marketplace. They must provide information on as to who the company's major competitors are and also who their customers are. Finally, they need to find recent information about the market's reaction to recent moves made by the company in our marketplace, whether those be mergers & acquisitions or reviews of recent product offerings. The student then has to condense this research into a succint, reasonably attractive powerpoint or PDF presentation. The emphasis in this project, however, is not on the design (though that plays a role), but on the quality of the research the student has done using sources such as Lexis Nexus, Seybold Reports, etc and the effectiveness of their delivery to the professor and the class.

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