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Screen Saver

Show your connection to City Tech by installing our dynamic, colorful screensaver on your computer at home or at work. It is a way of expressing your pride in being part of New York State s largest public college of technology.
The simple instructions for downloading and installing the screensaver are printed below.


After downloading, unzip the files.
Then: double click on "CityTech" icon, screen saver will automatically install.

Windows 3x/NT:

Open Desktop in control panel, choose "CityTech" from the pop up menu.

Windows 95/98:

Open display properties in control pannel, click on the screen saver tab and choose "CityTech"
from the pop up menu.

Macintosh Installation Directions:

After Downloading, drag the "Citytech" icon to your control panel located in your system folder.
Double click it, to set it up then restart your computer.


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