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Communication Design Grad Joins Impressive List of Alumni Authors

To City Tech alumna Janet Avery’s (secretarial science, 1969) recent inspirational memoir, The Power of Hope (Star Cloud Press, 2007) and alumnus Eric Watts’ (computer systems technology, 2004) poetic work, Cellar Door: Volume One (iUniverse-Indigo, 2008), recounting the trials of an often traumatic childhood, add a recently published first novel, Camileon (iUniverse, 2008), by City Tech communication design graduate Shykia Bell ‘02.

Emerging from the jungle of contemporary fantasy, Bell’s book is a fresh, new novel that explores the complexity of family secrets and lies in a work crafted through a harmonious blend of drama, suspenseful mystery and vivid metaphorical imagery. In the work, heroine Camile Leon is a young woman searching for the hidden truth about her absentee father, a mysterious lost necklace and the details of her early childhood, none of which she can remember.

Her mother consistently evades her questions until something happens that may result in Camile losing her mother and any chance of learning the truth. But just as the young woman’s hopes begin to fade, she makes the startling discovery that her entire life has been a carefully constructed web of deceit. Camile starts to experience strange occurrences and to discover more facts that bring terrible heartache, confusion and despair. Facing such a powerful nemesis, she must find the strength within to fully unravel the truth. Failure to do so threatens deadly consequences.

According to one customer reviewer, “I found this book to be very entertaining and it keeps you on the edge of suspense. Just when you thought you had it all figured out it takes an unexpected twist that keeps you wanting more. Guaranteed you won't be able to put it down.” The book may be purchased through online bookstores or by contacting the publisher.

Shykia Bell is an avid reader and previously worked as a graphic designer. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, where she currently lives with her fiancé, pet cat and cockatiel. Camileon is her debut novel in a planned trilogy. To learn more about Camileon, visit


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