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City Tech Team Takes Third Place in Federal Reserve Bank's 2013 Financial Awareness Video Festival

City Tech Team Takes Third Place in Federal Reserve Bank's 2013 Financial Awareness Video Festival
Javier Herrera, Assistant Professor Ryoya Terao, Anthony Cruz and Ron Hatcher

Three New York City College of Technology students from the Department of Entertainment Technology were winners in The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s fourth annual Financial Awareness Video Festival on February 13, 2013.

Under the guidance of Entertainment Technology Assistant Professor Ryoya Terao, students Anthony Cruz, Ron Hatcher (who was a winner in last year’s festival) and Javier Herrera took third place for “It Is Up to Me,” a 30-second video about how to build good credit. A celebrity panel of judges, including personal finance expert Suze Orman, the Tribeca Film Institute’s Jose Rodriguez, and actor Ashley Springer, viewed and evaluated the top 15 submissions. City Tech students swept the top three prizes in last year’s competition.

The New York Fed's video festivals, which are sponsored by the Regional and Community Outreach team, challenge local college and university students to create videos aimed at their peers about responsible borrowing and the dangers inherent in acquiring too much debt. They combine peer-to-peer learning with video technology aimed at advancing financial literacy among young people. This year, the New York Fed ran two concurrent festivals – one in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and the other in Puerto Rico.

“From student loans to credit cards, college often is the first time students are exposed to credit – both the benefits and potential problems,” said Kausar Hamdani, senior vice president of Regional and Community Outreach at the New York Fed. “This competition aims to ensure students learn early about the dos and don’ts of good credit usage.”

“It is an excellent experience for our students to see good results from their effort,” said Professor Terao. “I should also mention that another student, Jinwon Sung, submitted a PSA that was among the finalists in this year’s competition. Although it didn’t receive an award, it was an outstanding piece as well. The video was shot in the dental facility on campus with the help of the Department of Dental Hygiene. City Tech is diverse and resourceful. There are many ways that students, faculty, staff and departments can collaborate with each other. Jinwon’s video is an example. I look forward to more such opportunities in the future.”


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