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Guest Speaker Dr. Joern Loviscach Discusses ‘Interdisciplinary Creativity: Tools, Experiments, Science’ in October 20 Presentation at City Tech

Guest Speaker Dr. Joern Loviscach Discusses ‘Interdisciplinary Creativity: Tools, Experiments, Science’ in October 20 Presentation at City Tech

Dr. Joern Loviscach, a professor of technical mathematics and computer engineering at Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Germany, presented on “Interdisciplinary Creativity: Tools, Experiments, Science” on October 20, 2011. Co-sponsored by City Tech’s Emerging Media Technologies Program and the NSF-funded I-Cubed project, the presentation was part of an ongoing effort to build bridges between scientific methods, tool development, creativity and interdisciplinary learning.

Responding to City Tech’s ongoing endeavor to cultivate undergraduate research, Dr. Loviscach enlivened his presentation with a gallery of tools and applications developed through the collaborative research between himself and his students. Example projects ranged from using a Wacom tablet to make an animated character to walk, to an interface method for ray tracing. These interdisciplinary applications utilize computer graphics, image processing and audio signal processing as enabling technologies to test new and uncommon ideas through creative development in order to inspire practical applications.

Loviscach has repeatedly demonstrated how interdisciplinarity and creativity can lead to innovation when combined with the right set of technology and scientific methodology. He generously put forward engaging questions, one of which addressed how to improve and scale up students participation in undergraduate research from 50:1 ratio to 50:10, then to a larger scale. After the presentation, Dr. Loviscach visited the first year class of Emerging Media Technologies, where he captivated City Tech students’ imaginations by sharing German students’ projects. Students were immediately connected to Joern’s examples due to many resemblances to the projects they have been doing in class.

Dr. Joern Loviscach is a scientific contributor to creative fields and an author of numerous chapters in book series on game development. He holds a doctoral degree in physics and served as a deputy editor-in-chief at c't computer magazine, a highly respected German biweekly. His YouTube channel with 1600 videos on math and computer science has been described as “the German equivalent of the Khan Academy.”


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