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President praises P-TECH in State of the
Union Message

P-TECH, the school in Brooklyn that President Obama made note of last night in his State of the Union message, is the result of a vibrant collaboration among City Tech, CUNY's Early College Initiative, the NYC Department of Education, and IBM. City Tech is the college partner. This semester, 10 sections of City Tech college classes are being held at the school. As they complete their high school programs, students will enroll full-time in our Computer Systems Technology and Computer Engineering Technology programs with opportunities for jobs at IBM and other companies when they graduate. I want to acknowledge the great work and tremendous assistance of City Tech faculty and staff in bringing this exciting model to fruition:

CST — Doug Moody

CET — Benito Mendoza, Huxin Wu, Moahmed Islam, Albert De La Cruz

Math — Boyan Kostadinov, Janet Liou-Mark, Henry Africk, Joel Greenstein, Elizabeth Krams, Frantz Carty

English — Aaron Barlow, Reneta Lansiquot, Monique Ferrell, Julian Williams

African American Studies — Marta Effinger-Crichlow, Jeannine Foster, Monica Williams

Humanities (Speech) — Justin Davis, Emma Meyers

Physics — Reggie Blake, Viviana Acquaiviva

Enrollment Management — Alexis Chaconis, Marcela Armoza

Registrar — Megan Massaro

Testing — Teresa Parker

Special thanks to our Early College Liaison for P-TECH, Carline Folkes, who does so much to keep the network going.

An excerpt from the State of the Union referencing P-TECH can be seen here in the CUNY Newswire.

The full State of the Union video is available here:
(P-TECH is discussed at the 35 minute mark)

I'm proud to be part of this important project and especially proud of the contributions of these colleagues.

Dr. Bonne August
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
New York City College of Technology, CUNY

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