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City Tech Teams Participate in ASEE Design and Manufacturing Competition

City Tech ASEE competition team members

Two City Tech teams, Loop-O-Scope and Rare Loop Finder, participated in this year’s American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Design and Manufacturing Competition held in San Antonio, TX, on June 12, 2012. The goal for the competition was for Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology and other teams to design and manufacture a device that could be used to detect the formation of a loop by endoscope tubing inside a patient’s body and warn the doctors performing an upper endoscopy procedure.

Both City Tech teams did an excellent job in presenting their devices at the competition, demonstrating outstanding professionalism, teamwork and enthusiasm. The Loop-O-Scope team used stretch sensors embedded into the endoscope to detect the formation of the loop, while the Rare Loop Finder team used fiber optics to detect the loop’s formation. In the end, the Rare Loop Finder team placed third in the competition.

Both teams are grateful to Brooklyn 8th Ave Endoscopic Clinic for showing them how an endoscope works. They also are greatly indebted to Dr. Djafar Mynbaev for introducing fiber optics and for lending fiber optic devices to them. Thank also go to Drs. Ralph Phillip and Xiaohai Li for their valuable help and for providing the teams with light tracking device.

The teams had less than a month’s time to design, test and fabricate their devices, and the advisors, Drs. Andy Zhang and Farrukh Zia, would like to congratulate the two groups of students for a job well done in such a short period of time.


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