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ACCESS FOR WOMEN Sponsors 2012 AABE Summer Energy Academy for Middle School Students

In August, City Tech’s ACCESS FOR WOMEN (AFW) program and the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) hosted “A Celebration of Achievements” applauding middle school students for their academic and technical work in AABE’s 2012 Summer Energy Academy. The students were the stars of the evening, demonstrating their project displays on potential and kinetic energy and making Power Point presentations on solar, wind and electrical energy, energy conservation, green technologies and related topics. An audience of parents and other family members were enthralled by the children’s proficiency and poise. AABE members, college faculty and staff and friends were delighted to see how well the students explained their work and responded to questions from the audience.

The celebration was the culmination of a 5-week program conducted by ACCESS FOR WOMEN that included engaging students in classroom sessions, hands-on projects and trips to advance their knowledge, skills and exposure in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  The students were organized into three teams that developed design projects titled “The Energy Powered Farm!”, “Industrial Action” (a re-design of an industrial area with emphasis on green technologies), and “Conserving Energy in Our Residential Area” (a project emphasizing renewable energy and the values of LED lighting, solar panels and re-cycling old building materials).

“Trips to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and New York Hall of Science contributed significantly to the students’ knowledge and application of science and technology in their designs,” said ACCESS FOR WOMEN Project Director Nona Smith. “This exposure better prepared them to explain scientific and technological interactions of things we use in our homes, schools and workplaces.”

The purpose of the AABE’s Summer Energy Academy is to assist in meeting the global energy challenge. Preventing the impending energy crisis requires that students be exposed to the concepts of energy and STEM disciplines at an early age, laying the foundation for future scientist and engineers to develop the needed technology to reduce and change how the world consumes energy. The program serves middle school students recruited through outreach activities guided by the above purpose and the organization’s goal to encourage students to explore the possibility of entering a future energy related career.

The 2012 Program at City Tech expanded ACCESS FOR WOMEN’s six-year collaboration with AABE, and continued its ongoing partnerships with Con Edison and National Grid, which have focused on the need to increase the representation of women in non-traditional technical education and careers. Over the years, support from all three partners has contributed to the capacity of ACCESS to provide courses in mathematics, technical education programs and employment readiness for participants’ entry and success in nontraditional technical careers, especially in engineering technologies and the building trades.


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