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Ways to Give

  • Cash Contributions through the foundation are immediately available to the college for vital programs and projects. All cash contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Credit Card Gifts provide the speed and benefit of allowing donors to make a gift today with the option of spreading out their payments over a period of time.
  • Corporate Matching Gifts provide companies an opportunity to double or triple gifts made by individual employees through a separate corporate contribution.
  • Gifts-in-Kind through the foundation, such as donations of equipment, supplies, art, and services such as printing, consulting and loaned executives, can save the college thousands of budget dollars and free these funds for other purposes. The value of a gift-in-kind at the time of its donation determines the allowable income tax deduction.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Securities through the foundation benefit both the college and the donor. By donating securities held for more than one year which have appreciated, the donor may deduct the current fair market value of the gift at the time of the donation and not incur a capital gains tax.
  • Commemorative Gifts provide an opportunity to commemorate friends or relatives, promotions, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. The individual named by the donor will be notified that a gift has been made to the New York City College of Technology Foundation. The donor will receive a personal acknowledgment and gift receipt for tax purposes.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance can be made by naming New York City College of Technology Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. The proceeds of the policy are then not subject to estate taxes. If ownership of the policy is transferred to the foundation, the donor may receive an immediate income tax deduction for the dollar value of the policy in the year it is given.
  • Gifts of Bequest are an important source of funds for colleges throughout the country. A bequest to the New York City College of Technology Foundation only requires the addition of a codicil to the donor's taxable estate. Funds received from a bequest can be used to support a college program or to perpetuate an annual gift to the college.

For more information about foundation programs, contact the New York City College of Technology Foundation, 300 Jay Street, Namm Hall 323, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 718.260. 5025/ Fax 718.254.8524

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